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В сети LinkedIn (ссылка: http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?viewQuestionAndAnswers=&gid=140161&discussionID=11896&commentID=35418&trk=discq_mor&goback=%2Ehom ) поднят вопрос — какими открытыми базами данными вы пользуйтесь про рисследованиях?
Далее приводим перечень открытых источников для поиска, о которых заявили отвечающие коллеги:

Terry Kilburn (C.O.O. at Tracers Information Specialists, Inc.):
Here is a partial list of database services available for investigative needs.
www.accurint.com (Govt / attorney subscription database)
www.ancestry.com (subscription based; geneology site)
www.autotrackxp.com (Choice Point subscription database)
www.baxterresearch.net (California records research service; covers several counties in the area.)
www.blackbookonline.info (research site for Pis)
www.brbpub.com (free links to public records & information)
www.bop.gov (locate an inmate in Federal prison)
www.City-Data.com (good website to develop demographic information)
www.confi-chek.com (subscription based database)
www.usdatalink.net (subscription public record research services US wide)
www.dataquick.com ( real estate information solutions for all your needs including)
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/ (Pilot, aircraft lookup)
www.bop.gov (free; inmate locator)
www.fonefinder.net (enter a phone number and determine who the service provider is)
www.guidestar.org (990’s on non-profits)
www.IQdata.com (subscription database)
www.irbsearch.com (subscription database)
www.knowx.com (subscription database owned by ChoicePoint)
www.lexisnexis.com (subscription database public records and legal research)
www.locateplus.com (subscription database)
www.masterfiles.com (subscription database)
www.merlindata.com (subscription database)
www.PACER.PSC.USCOURTS.GOV/ (subscription database – Federal court records)
www.pallorium.com (subscription database)
www.peoplefinders.com (free website for locating people)
www.pipl.com (free people search on the web)
www.pac-info.com (largest set of public records links)
www.skipsmasher.com (subscription database )
www.smallbusiness.dnb.com (Dun and Bradstreet)
www.telequery.net (subscription based; search by phone, name or address)
www.theworknumber.com/ (subscription service of TALX, delivers HR and payroll information)
www.tracersinfo.com (subscription database)
www.usinterlink.com/ (subscription data service)
www.ustracers.com (subscription phone research)
www.vinelink.com (locate someone currently in custody in a local jail)
www.westlaw.com (fee based; legal research)
www.zabasearch.com (free people search)
www.zillow.com (real estate locator, maps and property values & information)
www.zoominfo.com (free; people / job search)

Dean Cornelison (National Supervising Investigator, Esurance SIU):
Here is a list of the databases, tools and sites I use for investigations:
http://www.arin.net/whois/ (IP/ISP research site)
http://www.fededirectory.frb.org/search_ach.cfm (ABA (ACH checking) routing number checks)
http://www.archive.org/web/web.php (Wayback Machine, previously Deja’ Newsgroups)
http://www.cluuz.com/ (search engine with visual display)
http://www.expatfinder.com/ (foreign country skip tracing)
http://www.geobytes.com/FreeServices.htm (geolocation and IP tracing)
http://www.theinmatelocator.com/Home_Page.html (National inmate locator)
http://www.lococitato.com/ (MySpace and Web 2.0 search tools)
http://www.melissadata.com/lookups/index.htm (USPS address verification and other tools)
https://www.nicb.org/cps/rde/xchg/nicb/hs.xsl/vincheck.html (Verify a VIN with NICB)
http://www.peekyou.com/ (Social networking search engine)
http://public.resource.org/ (Free public records)
http://www.reporter.org/desktop/ (All-in-one investigative reporting site)
http://www.rff.com/ (Low cost download for association matrix and link analysis)
http://www.searchcrystal.com/home.html (Search engine with visual output)
http://www.searchme.com/Initial.html (Search engine results displayed like an iphone)
http://www.wunderground.com/ (Archived weather records)
http://www.yoname.com/ (Social networking search engine)

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